iOS testing in local network

Why else should it work on e.g. glitch

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Yes there is

There is a ssl plugin for vite

You need to do it via the terminal tho

Oh you mean for windows

Try installing the vite ssl plugin and accepting the dialogue on windows

Yep, server on windows. But ideally I’d install the cert to all local network devices to avoid the browsers’ nagging warning (and maybe fix the crashes on iOS).

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Via… npm I guess? Sorry, new to this whole realm :slightly_smiling_face:

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Youll find instructions on the plugin page

Huh, isn’t that installed by your default config already?

Your vite.config.json reads:

import basicSsl from '@vitejs/plugin-basic-ssl'
plugins: [

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Sorry meant this

Yep thanks! This now successfully installed the self-signed root certificate inside Windows’ certificate store.
But even on this same PC this does not seem to work :slightly_smiling_face: Browsers are still showing me the warning.

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The npmjs site has some info about how to install the generated cert on mobile devices. I will try this next (tomorrow) – even though I’m pretty sceptical as it does not even work on my PC as of now.

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May I ask how you internally deal with the https warning on local network? Do you have trusted cert?

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For most projects we’re simply using it as-is, same as you - accepting the warning. After all, it literally just says “this is an encrypted connection but the sender’s cert is not in the Root CA” - which is a) true and b) already way better and way more secure than plain http.

It’s weird (and a big issue) that it doesn’t work for you at all on iOS though - that’s concerning

Hi again, wanted to report the problem with mkcert not working correctly was just because I did not delete the basicSsl() call from vite’s config. The warning is gone now on my Windows machine and iOS.

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But… I still cannot get the simplest scene to load on my iphone. At least we can rule ssl out for now :wink:

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I wonder have you guys ever tested the local vite deployment with iOS?
Unfortunately the only other iOS device at my disposal is an IPad mini 2 which only shows a black screen, not even the loading bar. I guess this is to be expected of a ~10 year old device though.

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I can try to reproduce it the next few days