Texture issues on IOS

The texture looks good on Android and the animation works, but not on IOS. Can someone help?

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Hello Sabrina,

To better assist you, could you please provide more specific information about the issue? Here are some questions that might help narrow down the problem:

  1. Are you using a WebGL-based web application or is this a native app?
  2. What format is the animated texture in?
  3. Are you getting any console errors or warnings on iOS?
  4. Has the texture and animation been tested in different browsers on iOS?
  5. Did you implement any specific features or shaders that might not be compatible with iOS?
  6. Which version of iOS and which devices are you experiencing the issue on?

Providing answers to these questions can help me understand the problem and offer a more accurate solution. If there are any error messages or logs, sharing those would be particularly helpful.

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Hey :wave: can you show the material fully that you use on the model?

what is the best way to show it?

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i mean, it´s not just one:

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Any material the dark spots are visibile. Do you have lightmaps in the scene?

Could you show the lower part of the inspector as well please?

Can you report a bug with this scene? Looks like a USDZ conversion issue with occlusion maps, possibly


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Maybe because I’m missing something here?

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no, these are all fine

maybe I should change the :warning: into an :information_source: for those notes, might be misleading

thank you!

some time i get this error. But I don’t understand what he means by that. I have the feeling I’m missing something from needle

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and again these:

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This happens in the report you sent when suppress export is enabled in the GltfObject component - can you make sure this is not the case? There should be some logs elsewhere like “not exporting because …”

but it is checked :frowning_with_open_mouth:

by user 680853402338721851

“suppress” means DO NOT EXPORT
make sure “suppress” is OFF