Can´t see the object in AR on IOS but on android

My scene works on andorid but not on IOS. I´ve used the Exporter and the object is just 7MB. I also changed the Mesh compressior to meshopt. Also tried I without the animation.

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Can you explain more what “does not work on iOS” means? Which browser are you using? Are you referring to AR or when viewing “normally” in the browser? For AR on iOS you need to also have the USDZExporter in your scene

One potential cause is that your object is a skinned mesh with bones – we’re currently working on supporting that in iOS too.

ah ok, on IOS AR Mode is always the loading symbol.

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so i cant use a chrakter in IOS?

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If there’s always the loading symbol that’s likely a separate issue, can you report a bug?

You can use characters but currently not when they use SkinnedMesh

ok reported the bug

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