Difficult to open/loading scenes in AR on Android

I didn`t check every sample scene but for the most it’s difficult to load the scenes in AR for me on my realme phone (reame UI 4.0, Android 13) and also on a Poco phone. Are you aware of that and maybe have solution or know the reason its that bugy? On iOS Devices (iphone 11, ipad) so far it works like a charm.
I know you cant test every device out there (specilly Android) but just wanted to ask.

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What exactly do you mean by “difficult” ?

With difficult I mean its not loading like it should I guess. Sometimes it does not open in AR at all. Sometimes it starts loading the scene (after pressing the AR button) and goes back to where it starts, sometimes chrome crashes. Sometimes there is just the camera view and nothing loads in AR. So its very different.

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Do other WebXR experiences work better on those phones? E.g. https://modelviewer.dev ?

Thanks for that example! It sadly also doesn’t work properly. So that means its not the fault of needle :wink: and also this cheap android phones are not made for AR?

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Sounds like it yeah

So generally it should still work - if the phones support AR and have an actual Android version they have to run through Google’s certification for AR. But some phone manufacturer simply clone Android. Typical sign is usually “doesn’t have the Play store” and then it’s absolute wild west in terms of following specs. Do these phones have the store?

Seems like some realme devices are on this list at least (which means someone at Google has verified them to support AR):

Yes it has play store natively installed.

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I have a “realme GT Explorer Master Edition”

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Would you mind adding your phone models to this issue and mentioning the issues you have (not with Needle Engine, but with the modelviewer page):

Since Google is maintaining model-viewer this is the only actual way to get someone from Google to look at these issues (elalish will flag it as "external issue and ping the right people)


(or open a new issue if you feel that this one doesn’t adequately describe your phone(s) behaviour)

Yes I’ll add them both to the list! Thanks for helping me out!

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