Needle Engine not updating on Mac

Hello together,
I’m pretty new to Unity & Needle and have some problems running it on my Mac Mini. Was following the “getting started video” installing Unity, Node, Needle… and everything looks good, but when I save my scene in Unity, Safari is not updating… to see my changes, I have to use “Open Server”, “Play” is not working. I try to export to usdz (that’s what I finally want to check out), added components “WebXR” and “USDZExporter”, but can’t find an Export-USDZ-Button in the browser. Perhaps something is still missing… someone can help?

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Hi! Sounds like two separate things.

  1. Regarding the first, “Safari not updating”: usually that means that the local development server isn’t correctly running. Do you get any logs in the Unity console after pressing “Start Server”?

2) Regarding the second, “No USDZ Button in the browser” -

  • the button will show by default on iOS devices that have QuickLook support (so, on iPhone and iPad)
  • for debugging on desktop browsers you can add ?debugusdz as URL parameter to the end of the URL, this will give you a button to download the USDZ directly for local testing.

Hi, that’s what I guess, the server not there. When I use “Start Server” ,there’s nothing in the console…
but using “Play”, a lot: (just copied from Console)

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war zu viel… hier noch ein Screenshot mit &debugusdz in der Url, leider auch kein Button.

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Hm, there’s nothing at all in the console when pressing “Start Server”? There should be at least

And looks like the page is served. Would be great if you could also check the debug console in the browser; there should be messages like “connected” or “can’t connect”

Also, where did you add the “WebXR” and “USDZExporter” components on and do you have “AR” enabled?

Hi Felix, here some Screenshots from my Mac/Safari/Console. So i think it’s a Security/SSL Problem, perhaps some settings somewhere, but up to now I couldn’t find it.

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So the HTTPS warning is expected, as you’re making a HTTPS connection to your own machine (which is not in what’s called a “Trusted Root CA”). But usually you can still use websockets then :eyes:

Can you try opening https://localhost:3000 instead?

Did you perhaps change the backend url in the Networking component?

I think you can check where the request is coming from in the Network/Netzwerk tab

I can open https://localhist:3000, but get same errors in the JS Console.
I was adding “WebXR” and “USDZExporter” components on the scene. Where do I need to activate AR?
I didn’t change the background url in networking… it’s just “/socket”
Thats what I see in network > screenshot.

Sorry for causing all his work.

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Enable AR: that’s just the toggle in the WebXR component.

The request is from client.ts Do you have any script in your project matching that name?

and/or which file opens when you click this and what does it show?

No, no other Scripts, and client.ts is from needle, I would think… Here some more Screenshots…

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:thinking: maybe a vite issue? Can you test if it works when you remove the needlePlugins in vite.config.js in the web project?

Which vite version is currently installed?

Good news, I was installing Firefox and made it the default browser, now everything seems to work as it should. Firefox was also warning first, the the connection is not secure, but after “accepting the risk and continue” it worked, and that’s what is not happening with Safari. Perhaps you have a Safari issue? (but perhaps only for me…)

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