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Hello everyone, I am new to using and also on threejs and I am currently facing a problem when I download the Needle engine for Unity I get this error. I changed the versions several times but the result was the same

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Hello Aya Ali, welcome to the Needle Engine community!

To help resolve your issue, I would need a bit more specific information about the error you’re encountering. Can you tell me exactly what the error message says, or perhaps share a screenshot of the error? This could help identify the root cause of the problem.

In the meantime, here are a few general tips that might help you resolve common issues when downloading Needle Engine for Unity:

  1. Ensure that you have the correct version of Unity installed for the version of the Needle Engine you are trying to download.
  2. Make sure that your Unity project is set up correctly for WebGL builds if you are preparing to export for Needle Engine.
  3. Check if there are any specific system requirements or prerequisites mentioned in the Needle Engine documentation that you might have missed.
  4. Clear Unity’s package cache, as sometimes corrupted downloads can cause issues.
  5. Check the Unity console for errors that might provide more information about the issue.
  6. If you downloaded the Needle Engine via Unity’s Package Manager, make sure you’re using the correct URL or package name.

Another helpful step is to visit Needle Engine’s documentation and FAQ which could provide you with the solution: FAQ.

If the problem persists, please provide the exact error message, and I’ll do my best to assist you further!

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Hey :wave:

What version of NodeJS do you have?

v21.2.0 this one

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Do you mean like this?

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[Needle Installer] Couldn't find a compatible version for com.needle.engine-exporter. Are you sure it's compatible with this version of Unity?this is my error massage

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It seems like the issue is related to the compatibility of the Needle Engine exporter version with your current version of Unity.

Here are some steps you can take to address this:

  1. Make sure you’re using a version of the Needle Engine exporter that is compatible with the specific version of Unity you’re using. You can check the release notes or documentation for the exporter to find compatible Unity versions.

  2. If you’re using a recent version of Unity and the exporter hasn’t been updated to support it yet, consider using an older version of Unity that the exporter is known to support.

  3. Check if there are any specific instructions or updates for the Needle Engine exporter that might address compatibility issues.

It’s best to refer to the specific documentation for the Needle Engine exporter and Unity to ensure compatibility and resolve the issue. If the problem persists, feel free to provide further details, and I’ll be happy to assist you.

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What Unity Version do you have?


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Unity 3.7.0 is more then 10 years old.

The unity version should be in the window title of the editor :+1:

I used these also “2021.3.1”,“2023.2.3”,“2022.3.1”

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But I got same error

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I see, that sounds like it should work :+1:

Lets wait for Marcel or Herbst to provide further support. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you so much

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Hey @kipash :cactus:

I am working on this unity version “2023.2.5f1” and I got this error now [Package Manager Window] Error searching for packages. connect ETIMEDOUT UnityEditor.EditorApplication:Internal_CallUpdateFunctions () . It looks like the instlled but not work.

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2023 is not an LTS so we do not guarantee stability of the tooling.

Please use one of the latest LTS: 2021 or 2022

Let’s try a manual “install” then :thinking:
Add a scope registry in your package manager:

Open Project Settings/Package Manager:
Name: needle
Scopes: com.needle and org.khronos

Then open Package Manager, choose My Registries and add Needle Engine to your project.

After a successful install, you should see Needle Engine to appear in the top bar. There i suggest to explore samples :+1:

Ok, thank you

I will try this and share the result with you :fist:t2:

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