Correct way to update Needle Engine in Unity?

Two weeks ago I created a fresh Unity project to test Needle (incredible docs and samples, so excited to start building). Today I wanted to experiment with the latest samples, I went to the Unity Package Manager and imported the latest package. I thought that in order to make newer samples work, I would need the latest version of the engine too, but I didn’t find any docs on how to update it, so I just downloaded the installer and imported it again.

Then I went to samples and installed one, but the project was stuck Installing Sample… for more than 700 seconds, and I couldn’t hit play. Then I reopened Unity and loaded the installed sample, but it started installing @needle-tools-npm-tools and seems to be stuck again installing… What can I do?

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  • can you tell me which nodejs and npm version you currently have? running node --version and npm --version

  • also which OS are you using and which Needle Engine is currently installed?

Dropping the installer will indeed install the very latest publish Needle Engine version. You can otherwise update via Unity’s Package Manager (Window/Package Manager) or the footer of ExportInfo will show a button whenever a new version is available (you can hold ALT + click this button to install directly then)