UI text not visible in build

I have just started experimenting with Needle for a project, and found that after converting the UI from screen overlay to worldspace, all the UI texts and slider handles, whilst appearing in the scene and game view, are not visible in the build. All the other UI is there, just not the texts and slider handles

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Is the UI inside a GltfObject?

I just made it a child of the camera in the Content window in the sample project. The “Content” object has WebArSessionRoot,Object Raycaster and TeleportTarget attached

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Can you show a few screenshots of your setup with the inspectors, and hierarchy?


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Interestingly the text within the input field IS visible

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Can you try a different font on one of the buttons? (In case the font export failed for some reason) And/or changing the font size, im wondering if it has something to do with clipping maybe.

Ui Sliders are not implemented on the engine side yet btw i think

(you could do it yourself tho by declaring and implementing the appropriate scripts)

you seem to have correctly identified the problem ! I tried a basic font and it works fine. the font i was using was a ttf file perhaps that is unsupported?

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It should export also. Maybe still a clipping issue? You can delete the font that is generated in your web projects asset folder and try to re-export.

The console logs a message when it generates the font

Maybe it has something to do with the font asset settings too (like if you set it to dynamic or custom… But i dont think that is the problem here)

oh ok…is there any roadmap for slider implementation? not sure how I would go about doing that myself

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We want to improve the UI by a lot during this year but no concrete roadmap. We did add features like that on request too before

I cant promise it immediately tho right now

yep thanks, from what I’ve seen though Needle looks pretty smooth performatively

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actually i think I can see now how to create physical sliders from draggable objects now. I still seem to have a problem with text between the sliders here though for some reason, despite changing the font

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FYI i realise now that TextMeshPro is not supported

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