UI Text disappears in prod build

World space UI text works fine while developing, but my production builds are missing the text.

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Do you use Unity? I’m also facing this issue. In editor everything is ok. But when playing in browser both TMP_Text and old Unity Text not showing up

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@Nurlan TMP_Text is not supported, use Text istead (sometimes marked legacy). If that doesn’t work for you please make your own post :+1:

Do you have any runtime erorrs? Any build errors?

Does this affect worldspace only and screen space texts are visible?

Do you use custom font?

No build errors, the only runtime errors:

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but those are also in the dev version, so I don’t think it’s the culprit

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I didn’t think screen space text were available in Needle engine yet? But yes it’s only worldspace

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I do use custom font. I can see it in the exported assets folder and successfully loads in the Network tab of dev tools on prod

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It is :cactus: Needle Engine Samples

Can you try isolating your issue? Can you duplicate the text and use Ariel as the font ideally, add a Z offset so it isn’t occluded by background.

Also if you can duplicate the world space canvas and turn it into screenspace canvas? Validate tha the text is readable in the game tab.

If it won’t appear, it is definitely a bug.

When it fails to load you should see the requested url in the browser (as an error). Sometimes the issue was caused by font casing mismatches (where it is ok locally but hosted it is more strict). I’m wondering if this is the issue here as well.

Can you share one of the fonts that you have been using? And where are you hosting your website (your ftp, glitch, netlify…?)

ok so just realizing the font I saw loading was a different one for my html text

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but I don’t see any failed requests in the network tab

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I’m hosting on Cloudflare pages

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Can you send your font asset as well?

Do you have a screenshot from Unity where the text should appear?

Btw cool scene :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! Very much a work in progress :smile:

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