TypeDef for OculusHandPointerModel.d.ts has no exported member named SphereBufferGeometry

When trying to publish my production build it fails with the following error message:

../../Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine@2.51.0-pre/package~/node_modules/@types/three/examples/jsm/webxr/OculusHandPointerModel.d.ts(10,5): error TS2724: '"../../../src/Three"' has no exported member named 'SphereBufferGeometry'. Did you mean 'BufferGeometry'?
Open C:\Data\UnityProjects\NeedleHandGestures\Projects\HandTrackingGestures/../../Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine@2.51.0-pre/package~/node_modules/@types/three/examples/jsm/webxr/OculusHandPointerModel.d.ts

I guess smth with the typedefs went wrong after updating to 2.51.0-pre :sweat: My three types are all set to 0.146.0 (we had this discussion already in another post, so I made sure it’s not related ^^)

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You need to enable skipLibCheck in your tsconfig