Build and deploy to glitch failing

Getting production build failed error.
…/…/Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine@2.46.0-pre/package~/engine-components/ParticleSystem.ts(14,35): error TS2305: Module ‘“three.quarks”’ has no exported member ‘Behavior’.

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Hi - can you update to latest in the package manager and check if it still happens there? Thanks!

The 2.49.1-pre wasn’t working for me, on local deploy. I reverted to 2.47.1-pre and created a new project.
Let me try 2.49.1-pre package again and show you the error

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There’s also a 2.50 now I think

Do you remember what the problem was?

If the three quarks error still appears after updating could you check the installed version in the node_modules folder?

Upgraded to 2.49.1-pre
[vite] error while updating dependencies: Error: Build failed with 1 error: ../../Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine@2.49.1-pre/package~/node_modules/@dimforge/rapier3d-compat/ ERROR: Unterminated string literal.

And it’s a black screen

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An error in rapier/vite?

Sounds like the package wasnt downloaded fully / the rapier dependency wasnt installed. If it happens i would suggest trying to delete the package in question (@dinforge/rapier3d-compat) and trying to install again) or trying a clean install (holding alt while clicking install in Unity)

Thanks @herbst🌵 @marcel :cactus:
Worked after updating package and a doing clean install

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Glad to hear