Issues with various types

I got an issue preventing me from building to glitch, the images explain it clearly, the build process seems to find a difference between types that are supposed to be the same, oddly enough, local build seems to be working without issues

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Can you send a screenshot of your package.json in the project?

Is the code in src/scripts or elsewhere?

Btw we have utility methods for converting from and to worldspace like import { getWorldPosition } from "@needle-tools/engine/engine/engine_three_utils"; :slightly_smiling_face:

that good to know! nice! here’s the package/json

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Which Exporter version are you using? It should update the three types in that package.json - I think that’s the reason for the error.


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Can you try if updating to latest fixes it?

it was added in 2.53.x

will do right now, also I’ve got an issue with one of the generated c# files check this out, in order to get it to work I have to delete the yellow highlighted part

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You can add a comment starting with //@nonSerialized above the line

in typescript

What is the typescript type that produces that string?

Can you send the line?

this what you mean?

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tried the build after updating the export package and the quaternion / vector3 issue persists

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Can you check the @types/three here if they changed?

You need to run install once after updating and probably restart the server (not sure if you need to restart vscode too for it to recognize the change)

duplicated the scene, copied the src/scripts folder and deleted the project, the new scene/project seem to work properly on both exports

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