3.23.1 Needle - AnimatorController.ts type errors in build?

Getting this error with builds of my model viewer using Needle for Unity 3.23.1 in Unity version 2023.1.19f1

AnimatorController.ts:1015 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading '__type')
    at AnimatorControllerSerializator.onDeserialize (AnimatorController.ts:1015:57)
    at deserializeObjectWithType (engine_serialization_core.ts:568:20)
    at tryResolve (engine_serialization_core.ts:343:32)
    at deserializeObject (engine_serialization_core.ts:322:36)
    at handleDeserialization (engine_gltf_builtin_components.ts:247:20)
    at engine_gltf_builtin_components.ts:85:17
    at processNewScripts (engine_mainloop_utils.ts:31:13)
    at _Context.internalOnCreate (engine_context.ts:777:13)
    at async _Context.create (engine_context.ts:455:16)
    at async NeedleEngineHTMLElement.onLoad (engine_element.ts:360:9)

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I have uploaded a bug report for this issue so you have the project

by user 103054507105067008

Hi, is this an error you get at runtime when loading a newly exported GLB from Unity?

This is in a scene that hasnā€™t loaded a glb, just running the model viewer scene I made causes the error

by user 103054507105067008

Thanks for the report. Will be fixed in the next update

this field is the reason for the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

by user 103054507105067008