Errors after upgrading

I’m getting two strange errors after upgrading today. It’s trying to load the glb from this path:[%22assets/sceneRoot.glb?v=1679719262285%22]

And I had to edit the import paths in some of my typescript files from:

However when I reopen the project, it has reverted to the first original path.

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Which versions do you have installed of the unity integration and needle engine? It looks like a version mismatch.

Make sure to not manually Install the Needle Engine package in unity, it is pulled in as a dependency

The first path with src is the right one. It seems like you have an older version of @needle-tools/engine installed

I just used the package manager to update. Then my typescript lit up with errors and couldn’t find the includes. I’ll check the versions later today

by user 300386587278049291

Ok thanks. You can also send some more info via the bug report menu item (in Needle Engine/Bug Report/Zip logs)

Ok so looks like your web project is really using a mismatching version com.needle.engine@2.62.0-pre/ vs 2.66.1 that you have installed. Do you have any idea how this could have happened? Can you check if this folder exists in your project? Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine@2.62.0-pre and if yes delete it? When you re-export your project again it should fix the wrong path in the package.json

that fixed it! Only thing I can think of is that when upgrading earlier I had a different project taking up port 3000. I was getting Curl errors until I closed the other project. Perhaps that was the culprit?

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Mh the port being blocked shouldnt cause problems when changing the version/updating. Did you check if the folder actually still existed/exists in the library? Like an ghost empty folder or something like that?

Or semi-empty

Not sure how it can happen tho since those folders are managed by unity and our unity package at least updates the version path if the folder doesnt exist anymore.