2.66.0 using SceneAsset broken

okay, I updated to 2.66.0 for the particle fix, now my scene loading broke ;). As soon as I have something like this in my init scene
// @type(UnityEditor.SceneAsset)
scene: AssetReference | null = null;

is get this error in the browser. I noticed in the changelog you did something to AssetReferenceResolver.

Error creating instance or creating values on instance TypeError: uri is undefined
AssetReference engine_addressables.ts:117
deserializeObjectWithType engine_serialization_core.ts:523
tryResolve engine_serialization_core.ts:333
deserializeObject engine_serialization_core.ts:359
handleDeserialization engine_gltf_builtin_components.ts:162
createBuiltinComponents engine_gltf_builtin_components.ts:107
processNewScripts engine_mainloop_utils.ts:51
loadFunction engine_element.ts:275
internalOnCreate engine_setup.ts:528
onCreate engine_setup.ts:370
onLoad engine_element.ts:291
attributeChangedCallback engine_element.ts:132
EventListener.handleEvent* gen.js:7

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Hey, thanks for reporting. Im looking into it now

I think i know which change is responsible for that

Thanks Marcel! If it’s small, maybe you could send me a snipped to fix it myself tomorrow morning? For now I’m staying on 2.64, deadline incoming :wink:

by user 334342083445784576

Got a fix here I think, sorry about that slipping through

going to try push a hotfix in a few min, will run 2 more tests

I’m done for today ;). Will try tomorrow. Many thanks!

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(its fixed in the latest update btw, would be great if you could confirm tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face: )

it works now, thanks!
Although I got a feeling that the Smart export is broken. Saving my Initscene in the editor always exports all the scenes again. I think this did not happen before. But I have to look further into it.

by user 334342083445784576

Mh nothing change in that area but we notice that too that sometimes Unity does a whole re-export even tho apparently nothing changed in any asset.

I’ll tell you here if I notice something. Thanks for now.

by user 334342083445784576

Thank you