Swapping scenes using scene references

Hi! I checked the sample for the dynamic scene switching, now i tryied to replicate it using scene references:

    //@type UnityEditor.SceneAsset[]
    scenes?: AssetReference[] | undefined = undefined;

Then assigned the references inside the inspector. Now, in runtime I used console.log() to print in console at start() to see if the references are working, however it looks like it doesn’t, it prints null.
To further test it, I tried the same but using regular AssetReferences, and the same code prints an array of correct references to both assets that I set up as examples.

My question is, is there another difference o something else that we have to check in order to make it work using scene references? or is it the usage of prefabs “the standard”?

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There was an export bug in the version prior to the latest release regarding that. Which Needle Engine package (in Unity) are you using? You can just screenshot the ExportInfo component

Yes, i Upgraded to version 3.7.7-pre and looks like its fixed!

by user 368204675922657280