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anybody know how to fix these errors? i added the sync component to my scene but im still getting this yellow error and also im gettin g these red errors as well. any help would be appreciated thank you.

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Hey :wave: so this errors started to occur after youā€™ve added the sync editor package?

What version are you on? Did you update to 3.19.9?

Hi this looks like a vite caching error. can you try a full export (hold ALT while clicking the button Fullexport / play in the ExportInfo component).

Try restarting the server too

hi, im finally back in front of my computer will check now

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yes i have 3.19.9

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and so i did the clean install and the red errors are going away, but im still not able to move thingss from the unity project and it moves online im getting the same yellow error

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oh wow it just randomly started working lmao

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okay so im able to get the default scene moving now but nothing else i add u can move. i thought it would be as simple as adding the scripts that were on the other objects but maybe i was wrong. i cant even see anything else im adding hm

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Hi, can you share some more info about your project setup and which template you chose (vite, next, r3f, react, svelte) or did you use an existing web project of yours that you export to?

Usually it is as easy as adding the scripts yes (you need matching Typescript classes for each of them - do you have those?)