Node_modules/three issue with update of Exporter to 2.62.0-pre

I get the below error in a project after updating from 2 versions of Needle Exporter ago in a project, what version of three do we need to move to in the dependencies?

Would be useful in the update notes to have a tip about what dependencies need to change

[plugin:vite:import-analysis] Failed to resolve entry for package "C:\Unity_Projects\NeedleWebDemos\Needle\ModelPreview\node_modules\three". The package may have incorrect main/module/exports specified in its package.json.

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Did you restart vite? Threejs dependencies are done with the engine, no need to change anything manually - and i dont think three changed the last couple of updates.

Trying to repro as I downgraded then upgraded again and it worked. I did run a clean install and full export + play when I first upgraded so trying that again now

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Weird, works fine, if I can repro I will reopen this

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Was vite running when you updated before?

Must have been as I had local server running but I then stopped it after before doing clean install and full export again

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Ok, maybe we need to enforce stopping the server after having updated. What do you think about that? Or show a dialogue box? It has caused errors/confusing multiple times so far i think

That would be good just as a preventative, I was worried I completely broke an old project on upgrade :smile:

by user 103054507105067008