Missing exported member after merge

Hi again! Just merged together two branches, and now Iā€™m having an issue with one file (@needle-tools/editor-sync/src/NEEDLE_editor.ts)
trying to import a member (addCustomExtension)
from another file (@needle-tools/engine/lib/needle-engine.js)
which does not export this member. This happens when I try to build to itch, but I can still run the test server as normal with no errors. Any idea why these files (which should be in a folder ignored by git anyway) might have changed? And where I might find addCustomExtension to just re-add it to the file, or some other fix?
Thank you!

editor.log message:

RollupError: "addCustomExtension" is not exported by "node_modules/@needle-tools/engine/lib/needle-engine.js", imported by "node_modules/@needle-tools/editor-sync/src/NEEDLE_editor.ts".
    at error (file:///C:/Users/hans.eid/Documents/Unity%20Projects/nordpeis-showroom/Needle/showroom/node_modules/rollup/dist/es/shared/node-entry.js:2287:30)```

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Hello there ā€“ we have an experimental AI bot :robot: that might be able to help you with your question. Would you like to try this out?

Hi, which version of Needle Engine are you currently using?


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Ah ok - sorry about that. We need to update the editor sync package because the API changed for adding custom extensions. In the meantime you can remove it (EditorSync) from your web project to be able to build again

Alright, yeah, that worked. Thank you!

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