Normal maps are not showing in needle web build

I’ve put normal map in unity but on web build it does not show. Is there something I’m missing out or Is it under development still?

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Hello Tobi216, when exporting your project from Unity to Needle Engine for the web build, normal maps should be supported as long as the materials are compatible with the glTF standard. If you’re using custom shaders or ones that don’t align with the names and properties that glTF materials expect, it could cause issues like the normal map not displaying properly.

Here are some points to ensure the normal maps show up correctly:

  • Use materials that can be converted out-of-the-box when exporting to glTF, like BiRP/Standard, BiRP/Autodesk Interactive, BiRP/Unlit, URP/Lit, and URP/Unlit.
  • If you’re using ShaderGraph shaders or custom shaders, make sure you have added an ExportShader Asset Label to these shaders. However, be aware that custom Lit shaders are experimental and might not support all rendering modes, and issues like shadow receiving might occur (see the documentation).

For further details, you can refer to the Exporting Materials section in the Needle Engine documentation.

If you’ve already followed these guidelines and are still facing issues, could you please provide more information on the steps you’ve taken and the material types you’re using? This could help in diagnosing the problem more effectively.

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I’ve used standard gltf material shader and I’m still not seeing the normal map details on web build

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I’ve used standard gltf material shader and I’m still not seeing the normal map details on web build @Needle Engine Assistant

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Hey :wave: that should work

Could you make a small white texture and assign it to the base color?

Hi What do you mean by a small white texture

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Any wall texture?

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or that :+1:

What Engine Version and Unity version are you running?

Material like this one works alright :thinking:

@Tobi216 which Unity / Render Pipeline / Needle version are you using?
And can you submit a bug please? Thanks

Hey… I’m using Unity vesion - 2022.3.7f1 / Render Pipeline - URP/ Needle Version - 3.24.0

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Mine is the same and is still not working

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Can you submit a bug please? Thanks

I’ve submitted it… Please help me resolve the issue

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I can reproduce the issue here.

It looks like the lightmap on the wall “covers” the effect of the normal map visually – the normal map is actually properly exported and assigned. I don’t have an immediate solution unfortunately, will keep you posted