Texture not correctly exported


I’m working on a model with Needle. I have a little problem : all of my textures are correctly placed on my model except for one.
On unity I see a correct displaying of my texture but not on my browser.

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Hi! Could you send over the resulting glb file?
Do these objects have UnityGltf/PBRGraph or another material assigned?

I send it by DM.
I used URP to display correctly the model. And I needed to recreate the outline of the Sushi.

It’s a model from a anonymous designer so it’s possible that the exports settings was not correctly set.

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Hi @herbst🌵
Did you get my glb file ? I send it by DM (it’s not urgent, just to be sure)

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Yes I received it, just didn’t get to it yet!

OK, so as expected the mesh in question simply has black vertex colors.

Please remove the vertex colors in some external software to fix this.
In three.js, vertex colors will always be shown if they’re part of your model, which is why the UnityGltf shaders in Unity will warn you (as in the screenshot above).

When I turn vertex colors on the model looks the same as in the browser (the black vertex color gets multiplied with texture/base color)

Okay perfect
Thanks to you

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I did found it myself, great that you’re here to help

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:slightly_smiling_face: that’s good!
The generator of the file is listed as Aspose.3D which I think is just a library, do you know where the file is from? It’s wrong in a number of ways (glb file but named gltf, number of validation errors, invalid textures)

No I know the company which paid for it but not the designer, I will try to find him

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There’s also glTF Validator where you could ask clients / their designers to verify files. Most warnings don’t matter, but errors are usually problems worth looking into