Vertex colors option

Why does the vertex colors export to the browser even tho I unchecked the option on unity?

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This has been asked before, please try to search first before asking :slightly_smiling_face: Discord

but idk why in my 3d editor the vertex colors don’t look like that

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What do you mean with your 3d editor?

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I agree this can be a bit confusing.

In glTF there is no concept of “this mesh has vertex colors BUT they aren’t displayed” - if a mesh has vertex colors they are always displayed.

That’s why the material inspector in Unity shows you a :warning: Warning when you’re disabling vertex colors but the mesh has them:

I’m just assuming it is the vertex colors because I unchecked that option and the material was shoeing fine on unity and if I left it checked then the mesh turned black as it happens on runtime. but then again idk why the mesh has color itself, I think no one painted over it but idk how to check it since maya is not showing anything on the mesh

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If you select the mesh in Project window you can check it in Unity

It looks like it has

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Yeah, then you’ll probably have to find the setting in Maya to either remove it or exclude it from export