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Hopefully a very simple question…
I’m trying out the Blender integration and did a quick bake of a colour to an image texture and saved the Blend file.
In the browser node project, the default cube does not show the image texture, however I have found it will show the vertex colour data if it is present.
Am I missing a setting to display image textures?



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  1. I assume the texture is assigned to the cube’s material?
  2. How did you bake the color (using Blender’s bake button?)
  3. Do you see the color in Blender’s viewport?

If you assign the texture to the cube’s material it should show up in the web.

Yes, but I’ve just managed to get it working when I did a very quick texture paint. I’m trying to work out what was different between the two if relevant:
For 1. I baked a simple green texture to PNG and used the Diffuse Shader
For 2. I scrawled a texture, saved it as JPG and used the Principled Shader

by user 611223118068842528

Use the principled bsdf, the diffuse shader didn’t work for me either

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In such cases this is most likely a Blender glTF exporter limitation - materials and shaders are exported by the glTF exporter still so the same limitations apply with our addon.

So you will get the same material result if you export with File/Export/glTF (at least you can double check)