My cubemap is black on dev build

With the Minimal scene it’s all ok using my skybox

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Do you maybe have another camera in the scene that is also set to main camera and has different clearflags ?

You can search with t:Camera in unity

That’s the first thing i do this morning, the only thing that seem to fix the issue, is to disable the “Diplopie To Camera” component attached to the Camera created by Needle on automatic setup

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what is diplopie to camera?

Looks like it adds some other script or something, could you make a screenshot of that component?

Perhaps click on it and see from what folder it comes from?

Can you change the Background alpha color to 1 ?

After checking it seem it’s one of my colleague who developed this one, the whole issue seem related to this script :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Ah, ok - so you were able to solve it now? Thanks for letting us know!