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so I have needle working. Iā€™m trying to use a unity project I had already made. I imported it, placed everything in a empty game object with the Gltf object script attached. however when I try to export it, it does not load and I see a blank screen. these are the 2 errors I am getting.

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Hey, can you figure out which textures are causing the problem? Can you send the logs? (Help/Needle Engine/Collect Logs)

You see a black screen in chrome / firefox I suppose? Can you check the browser console for errors too?

there is the log and a screen shot of the chrome console

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Do you use a skybox / cubemap without a texture assigned?

Texture creation failed. 'B10G11R11_UFloatPack32' is not supported for Sample usage on this platform. Use 'SystemInfo.IsFormatSupported' C# API to check format support.

can you try change the compression or another texture for the skybox?

changing the sky box still gives the same error

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Can you try if the builtin skybox works?

it does not

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Same error?


by user 935191553259995216