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I have a project which is completed, runs successfully and is just awaiting a launch date. However, since updating Needle to 2.65.2-pre earlier today I now just get a black screen when using ‘Quick Actions’ ‘Open Server’ to preview the project… and if I try to run ‘Export & Build Dist (Production)’ I get the following onscreen error message “Pre-build Script Failed - See Console for Errors…”.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the console.

Extra Info
I’m on Mac running OS Venture v 13.2.1

Any ideas regarding what might have happened will be gratefully received :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you try running this context menu?

If it doesnt help you need to udpate the paths in your scripts manually to @needle-tools/engine/src/engine-component... instead

Btw you can import WebXR like so too: import { WebXR } from "@needle-tools/engine" - you dont need to specify the full path for core components

Thanks @marcel :cactus: … I’ll try the context menu first as I’m not sure I’m experienced enough for the alternative task.

Fingers crossed that option 1 works… back in touch in a min…

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Nope… no joy re: ‘Run Web Project Update’ … and sadly I really just wouldn’t know where to start with your other suggestion :worried:

I’m off to grab a Time Machine backup of the project in the hope that it’ll run okay.

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Your screenshot shows src/scripts/play.ts and play_x.ts

just change the path in there in line 7 to:
import { WebXR } from "@needle-tools/engine"

You can open it via this button to edit

Okay. I’ve got VS Code; so will give that a go. Back in touch in a min…

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Thank you SO MUCH!!! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Doh! Spoke too soon :confused: The Quick Actions preview works fine but ‘Export & Build Dist (Production)’ still throws up an error.

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which error?

Sorry… I was just grabbing a csreenshot…

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That’s again the wrong path?

I changed the path/s as you suggested. As said, the preview works fine.

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Maybe try restarting the server

The above in the script is definitely wrong

Yup. Tried that.

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