Custom shader graph not working

it seems that the X/R is only correct.
The Y/G component is the same number.
The color banding on the video shows that as well, it is straight stripes and not “Moaré” circles.

This results in a blinking solid color.


But using X for both X and Y will result in the effect that we want, just rotated.

Yeah seems like it, looking at the video again it doesnt look correct too.

Should be fixed in the next update (tomorrow)
Screenshot from web:

The latest release should fix this - sorry forgot to mention it specifically in the changelog (since it was caused by the underlying uniform bug)

That’s great! I’ve updated and everything works as intended. Also there was some changes to particle system scale?

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Yes there was a fix that caused particle scale to be falsely calculated when inside a scaled parent. Only particle scale mode “local” is currently supported

Okay, awesome! Thank you!

by user 328144332622266369