Custom shader graph not working

right, maybe you can do some magic where you can do a cos of the sin and get a counter movement. Or offset them and blend them, so you don’t get the slow apexes.

it is working now. yep the sine is there :)))

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I’ll do some tests and make an issue, since it shouldn’t work like that :smile:

Thank you for the post :+1: :cactus:

Thank you for the solution! I really appreciate it! :cactus: :gentleblob:

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:gentleblob: (gentle-blob)
i love it! :smile: :heart:

btw, the screenshot looks lovely, let us know how your app ends up in the #:star:-showcase :+1:

Time works as expected on Unity 2020.3.43
So there has been a change to the time node probably since 2020 :+1:

It will definitely be in the showcase. Thank you for your appreciation! :partying_face: Yep, no problem, we will keep it like this. :)))

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Hi, looking into this right now

Hi, next update should work properly with all variations of Time :slightly_smiling_face: Will be available tomorrow

That’s some great news:blobaww: , also, can you take a look over the Scene/ Screen node, I think it doesn’t work as intended . :TrippyBlob:

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you mean this?

ScreenPosition node

with the mode default


ScreenPosition seems to work fine in BiRP


Let me check again. It resulted in a single solid color, but maybe it was too zoomed in?

I think 2021 but not sure - gotta go now but can check again tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

a simple test scene is in the dev repo if you want to further investigate @kipash :cactus: :slightly_smiling_face:


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