Shaders not working

Can anyone help with this? I am creating a water shader using Unity’s water shader tutorial but the result is not reflecting in needle engine

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Hello, did you mark your shader with the ExportShader Asset label? That’s currently required for exporting custom shaders. Also note that we dont support custom lit shaders yet - so every shader that uses unity lights basically

You can still try exporting it - but there’s no guarantee right now that it will look correct in the browser

That being said: we might get support for it relatively soon

Or at least basic support :slightly_smiling_face:

yea, i did add exportshader label

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Can you change the diffuse color of your shader in unity and verify you see the color change in the web?

Hi, I made a little shader via shadergraph and I’m trying to use the second set of uvs, mimicking a lightmap so I can have a “lightmapped” prefab, is there any reason why this does not work?

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it’s unlit and tagged as export shader

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Hey, what does it show in engine? Or do you get any errors in the browser console / logs in the editor that might be related?

Regarding lightmapped prefab: is exporting a scene with lightmaps maybe a solution? (You can reference a scene and load it the same way as with a prefab but the scene can contain lightmaps already)

Here is a simple component that loads an array of scenes Script Examples | Needle Engine Documentation

on unity editor it looks as it should, on browser it’s just unlit with the main texture, second texture doesn’t do anything

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no logs on browser at all

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Ok, thanks. Have you considered this? Is there a specific reason to use another (custom) approach?

I’m looking into both solutions, but I’m baffled about this one not working… maybe tomorrow with a fresh set of eyes…

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well the reason is this makes sense for prefabs/models to be used in procedural content, as regular lightmapping would not be possible… do you think you could get your eyes on a repo with the shader and model?

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Yes I can take a look, could you send me a simple repo (or a small test scene zipped using the Needle Engine/BugReport/Zip Scene menu item) ?

hey so the uv2 variable is not correctly exported / translated to threejs on export. I’ll see if that’s an easy fix :slightly_smiling_face: