Custom shader not working in runtime

I made a toon shader via a custom shader node using a hlsl file but it does not work once I hit play. In the Unity scene the material does work tho.

So I wanted to know if custom toon shader is compatible with Needle, or ar least via custom shader. I am using unlit shader in URP.

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Hey, Unlit shaders can be converted, Lit shaders can’t. What’s not working in the web / how does it look?

In the Scene I can see the shader working but once I hit play it is not displaying in the web:

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I am using an Unlit shader in URP

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the shader also uses a custom function node

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it is a .hlsl code

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void GetMainLightData_float(out half3 direction, out half3 color)

    direction = half3(-0.3, -0.8, 0.6);
    color = half3(1, 1, 1);


        Light mainLight = GetMainLight();
        direction = mainLight.direction;
        color = mainLight.color;




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do you think it is because of this code? thank you in advance!

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Yes it is! So you’re using an Unlit node but you pull in basically the same code as a Lit node would use

Turning this into a Lit node effectively.

What you can do is get rid of that and just have direction (Vector3) and color (Vector3) inputs on the node, so “hardcode” them

Hi! do you mean like this:

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Yes, that should work - if it gets rid of your custom node above that runs the light loop

Hello! I chaged it but still not working. Looks like in the first picture. I should point that I also got these warnings:

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I have a feeling something is not correctly installed in my setup lol

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Hi can you try/check two things:

  • the shader has the ExportShader asset tag?
  • a) remove the property in the shader and just plug in a normal vector 3 for the light values?
  • b) invert x in the light direction vector, it might look wrong in unity but would be interesting to see how it looks on the web

If you can share screenshots like above for each test it would be great