AR reticle slow to appear

Hi… I’m finding that the AR reticle doesn’t appear for ‘quite a while’ (and sometimes not at all).

Is it, perhaps, that the project content is taking time to load in the AR view? In which case, might it be possible to implement something to indicate to the user that a load is in progress?

Alternatively, maybe it’s just my phone? [ 3-ish year old Motorola G9 Power running Android v 11].

Cheeeeeeeeeeeers in advance for any help or advice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are you moving your phone around slowly to help the AR mode find a flat surface?

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Yup. I’ve tried pretty much everything.

It does (mostly) appear ‘eventually’… but just takes what feels like a long time (generally in excess of 2 or 3 minutes). By which time, my thinking is, a less determined user will have walked away.

As mentioned previously, I’m wondering if the issue is linked to the load size of the project?

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Things to try: do a scene with literally nothing but the bits you need for XR, camera, gltf object etc and just a cube

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And also did you test on another device like another phone to compare?

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PM me a glitch link I can help verify for you if you have a small reproducible build. I have an Xperia 1 and iPhone 6 to test with

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Many thanks @ROBYER1 … this is all greatly appreciated!

I’ve just been messing about with Needle Tools’ collab sandbox thus far, adding a few bits and bobs to it to see how things run. So, what I’ll do now is remove objects and pare it back to something basic to see if that helps.

I don’t readily have access to another phone; so your offer is very kind. I’ll report back here after running a few more tests :+1:

As said… thank you very much indeed! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, also happy to test and would be great to know which phone / browser combo you’re using

There’s definitely some devices that are comparatively slow with plane tracking…

What you can also try for comparison is:

If there’s a strong difference to what Needle Engine does it’s probably a bug with us, if it’s similar it’s probably your phone

Motorola G9 Power (Android OS 11) running Chrome.

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And thanks for that suggestion… I’ll give the comparison test a go! :+1:

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@herbst🌵 have just tested the model-viewer demo and the plane was found almost instantly.

I’m just about to create a basic version of the collab sandbox to see if a lighter-weight project makes a difference (as suggested by @ROBYER1). Back in touch with results soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! That’s good to know and strange, thanks for investigating.
Which Needle Engine version are you using?

The latest one, I think. I only downloaded it afresh a couple of days back.

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Okay, so I removed pretty much everything from the collab sandbox leaving just the GroundCubeQuad (sorry about the lurid sky… I was messing around with skybox and forgot to change it back).

Here’s the Glitch:

Testing on my phone, running Chrome, I experienced the following sequence of events:-

  • Upon hitting the AR button I was presented with a blank white screen which persisted for 8 seconds
  • The AR view then appeared but no reticle was shown - despite panning around slowly for in excess of three minutes
  • I then went back, refreshed the window and hit the AR button again
  • After the white screen went away and the AR view appeared I very briefly saw a reticle (this was without me having panned about at all), but it disappeared almost immediately and I was unable (even with extensive panning) to get it back

For what it’s worth, despite the speed/success of the model-viewer test on the same device I’m still inclined to think it might be my phone that’s at fault? Maybe?? Perhaps??? :thought_balloon:

Anyway, I hope this feedback helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tested on my crappy test iPhone 6 using Mozilla WebXR viewer, the AR Reticle shows after a few seconds of slowly waving the phone around and is no different to the behaviour I have with other AR builds so I think it may be the behaviour of the specific phone you are using? ALso, the reticle seems to be behaving weirdly in the scene for me it is a lot lower than the surface but it does display quickly

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Interesting! I’ll keep investigating and testing different projects at this end :+1:

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Does it do the same with the Needle Bike Demo?

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