Deploy to glitch excludes XR start AR button on mobile browsers - IOS and Android

Is this a known issue? Repro with this:

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A recent change was to not show the buttons when AR/VR is not supported - that’s strange if it doesnt show up on your devices there

Source project zip:

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Tested on Xperia 1 Android Chrome, Windows 11 Chrome, iPhone 6 Safari

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For Iphone: do you have the USDZExporter component in the scene too?

What does this button show on the android phone? Immersive AR Session

Windows 11 chrome is expected to not show the button (unless you have an AR or VR capable device connected)

I don’t

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Shows this, I always use this Xperia 1 android phone to test Needle AR usually and works fine in the past

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Hey can you keep responses to one channel instead of copy-pasting between them :grin:

Makes sense to post like, a solution of course then

The solution: Discord

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