WebAR questions and issues

I am trying to create a WebAR experience, but running into issues with the placement reticle.

On all the sample scenes it works great, but for my tests it is jumpy and only picks up on a few places. In some cases it is also inverted, but Invert Forward is disabled in the Web AR Session Root. Thoughts?

Is there a way to create a custom loading screen? I want to have a non-3d page before they enter AR.

Sample Project: https://planet-fluttering-fedora.glitch.me/

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Hey, you mean the reticle is jumpy?
Invert forward refers to the rotation of the session root when places (basically it rotates the root by 180° when enabled)

Custom Loading: you mean you want to display something when someone presses enter AR before AR starts? What stops you from adding a 2d overlay on top of the web component (or add the web-component later to the page when you want to display 3d)

Yes, it is like some sort of performance issue or something not sure. Do you see it with my sample I posted?

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yes thats weird - how did you set the scene up? :thinking:

I will look into load screen later.

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Borrowed from the Sandbox Template.

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Did you change anything despite the models?

I started from an empty scene and brought the components over. Maybe I will try again with sandbox only and delete content.

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Could you send your scene as is too? Just to check and see what happens there

you can do this and PM me the zip

or send to marcel@needle.tools


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Here is one built from the minimal template. It appears to work right.

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Ok so the issue is caused by the Object with the WebARSessionRoot component (Content) being rotated

will be fixed in the next version :slightly_smiling_face: