Where the the scripts for the included components like 'Drag Controls' in the Directory?

Hi, I have just started using Needle and I want to implement a script like "Drag Controls’ on an object but I am really not sure where to start.
I have read the documentation and know how to add component scripts to objects in the scene, I’m more looking for what is the Typescript code of ‘Drag Controls’.
Is there any way I can look at that script?
Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

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Multiple ways :slightly_smiling_face:

Either start typing in VSCode “DragControls” - it usually suggests the import. You can then go to the source via VSCode.

The code when you have a web project (created a project in Unity using ExportInfo) is in node_modules/@needle-tools/engine/engine-components

You can also add the DragControls c# component in Unity to an Object and then click the blue link at the top of the component to open it

Thanks! I found it in engine components.
I not sure sure why, but the blue link only opens the code-workspace in visual studio, I can see the correct path when I hover over it and .ts files are set to open with rider, but Its most probably is a local issue with my computer.

by user 313149111853645827