The world for Needle in unity

I’m trying this engine to decide wether our company should work with it exclusively.
I’m looking to make a preview 3d game with it and can’t wrap my head around the workflow with the engine.

As far as my testing went, I saw you can’t use c# code to control objects. Is that correct? Or did I miss something?

For example, I’m looking for a way to integrate a joystick to my game for mobile players, is that possible with the usual Joystick pack?

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Hello Mattan, all runtime code that should run in the browser is written in Typescript or Javascript. We did port a large amount of Unity’s features to the web (like the Timeline, AnimatorController, Particles) but not all features or packages are supported by us. You can however implement those yourself if you want and then use them in Unity and the web.

The joystick package can not directly be used but you can take a look at our FirstPersonCharacter sample (you find it via Needle Engine/Explore Samples) which has a little script to add onscreen touchcontrols.

I’ll take a look at that soon! Thanks Marcel

by user 198447544408342528