Any documentation on Components and three.js integration?

Hey, as a beginner to 3D web dev and the needle engine, I am working on building an WebXR project for my prethesis and starting out with baby steps trial and error process. I managed to export and build a production demo with some help from @marcel :cactus: & @ChaitanyaK but now I am trying to move forward by trying to by doing drag and drop interactions, annotations and more through VSCode like in this sample (and others) Collaborative Sandbox | Needle Engine

I’m actively going through three.js documentation but it’s a bit much for me to figure out all the coding stuff as I am not a coder by practice(far from it). I just wanted to know if there is any official needle documentation on how three.js has been integrated and how do I move forward with adding all the these touchpoints before moving to WebXR explorations

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Hi have you seen Needle Engine Scripting | Needle Engine Documentation? The components in this sample are all part of needle engine core. Add a DragControls component and mayne ObjectRaycaster to the object you want to make dragable

You are using Blender right?

See the docs for blender at Needle Engine for Blender | Needle Engine Documentation for how to add components

Regarding webxr you can add the WebXR component to your scene on any object and start the local server with https (it starts automatically using https with the nodejs template that you are using i think). When you open the website on quest for example (or via quest link) you will see a start vr button. Or if you open on a ar capable phone youll see a open in ar button.

For scene placement in AR add a WebXRSessionRoot component to the root object of your scene. The userscale defines how big you are in AR (meaning big values make the content smaller)

Hope that helps to get you started.

Haven’t been through scripting page yet, the blender page is where I started but I can’t find a list that tells me what each component does in the object data panel

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I’ll give it a shot tonight

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Is there anyway we can download and go through the code for the sample projects on needle?

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You can download all the scenes and explore them in unity. It’s linked at the top of the samples page (if you install Needle Engine for Unity you can also install them via the menu item at “Needle Engine/Explore Samples” in Unity)

We will add Blender samples too at some point

You can find a list of components here but not all are added to blender yet Core Components | Needle Engine Documentation

So drag and drop is possible on blender right?

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And in the long run, world sticking to blender work or is switching to unity a better of cause the better support and features?

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Its possible yes with DragControls :wink:
In the long run blender will be equally good or better :slightly_smiling_face: we are on a good way already