Isn't there a proper guide or tutorial on how to use AR VR with Needle in Unity?

I want to create a basic webXR app to test the features.

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Hi :slightly_smiling_face: have you had a look at this page? VR & AR (WebXR) | Needle Engine Documentation

yeah i saw it but it is just describing the outlook. There must some video tut or step by step guide to re-create the experiences.

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Hey :wave: It’s understandable that the list of created component isn’t as descriptive while trying to implement your custom logic like raycasting in AR etc.

The docs are focused on simple to use components that are used for common usecases. While if you want to make something custom, you are free to open them and adapt them. I know that’s not ideal, but that’s the current state of the XR, which is planned to be revisted, afaik.

Could you describe your usecase @AsI’m tho?

What are you missing? What is not clear?

Well, I found the samples and got them running. I guess that’s the way to go.

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Just to clarify, we definitely want to increase the amount of video tutorials we have (it’s totally not enough!) and are aware of the demand - your feedback is very welcome! Glad you got it running nonetheless in the meantime.