I'm looking for a videocall with a member of needle team because my company is thinking about this

Hi, my company develops a lot of 3D things with three.js and we are creating games and more. We would like to know what can we do with needle and how it works exactly to see if we can use this tool or if is better to still working just with three.js

Im looking for a video call with one member of needle because i have a lot of questions and i would like to see a real demo about how it works and more!

thanks so much!

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Hi! Please contact hi+enterprise@needle.tools.

Also note you can evaluate for free for 14 days and test everything, all samples are available as code, and so on

great thanks, but could you tell me what is exactly needle? and how it works?

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Needle Engine is a web runtime for realtime 3D applications. It comes with integrations into Unity, Blender, and Omniverse (on request) and a build pipeline that ensures small, fast, high quality outputs and seamlessly integrates into modern web development workflows.

Is there something specific that you didnt find on https://needle.tools and the documentation?

im creating a react app and i would like to know if i can create the game in unity and load it into my react application and connect the unity events with the react code to save the user data, call the database and more. Is this possible? do you have an example about how it works?

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I don’t work for needle, but can speak from experience… yes you can do all of that.

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Yes indeed, you can integrate Needle in this way into a react app. You create the application as usual and 3D integrates seamlessly into it. You can take a look at our React sample to get started: GitHub - needle-engine/react-sample

terms of use state 30 days of free evaluation?

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Hii! if you have experience with needle, is okay for you if we have a call to talk about needle?

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