What is the roadmap and required skills to build projects with Needle?

From my study, needle engine converts 3D from Unity or Blender to Web with Threejs. If I want to create my project or games.

  1. Do I need to learn threejs first?
  2. What is the workflow for cloning samples from WebXR with Needle?
    WebXR - Samples
  3. Can we use Unity’s XR Toolset For Meta Quest 3 with Needle?

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Hi, the needle engine is a fantastic tool to simplify the process of turning a project into a website with just a few clicks. However, it is not completely code free, infact knowing framworks like JS, Typescript and Three.js helps with a range of customizability and amazing outcomes.

I just got a quest 3 of my own and have been able to run various webXR implementation of my own on it, both VR and AR. Needle has it own samples you can open and reverse engineer on Unity. Needle Engine Samples I have spent alot of time doing so too and the WebXR implementations are quite solid. The devs here will point you in a better direction while you build a project of your own.

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They have some great samples for game creation you can look up Kipash’s Shooting Range example in the link above

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Thank! I don’t know if I understand correctly. If I had an idea, I better search or learn from WebXR and port it with needle engine, instead of searching for sample codes from unity projects?

Looks like porting from WebXR to Unity is fine, but from Unity to Needle might come up with problems?

An example is Meta provide an template project for Quest3 passthrough, I’d like to make something with it and want to use with needle. But it seems not the right way of using needle.

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Hi @JeffreyChen

  1. you dont have to learn threejs first - but having some threejs knowledge can be helpful if you decide to write your own scripts. At the same time it’s not a hard requirement - our engine is structured in a similar way than Unity with a component system, similar update lifecycle methods and utility methods so it will feel familiar if you have experience in writing code in Unity or C#. It will just be in javascript or typescript.

  2. Which samples especially are you interested in?

  3. The XR Toolkit is not directly supported - but we support all Quest 2, 3 and Pro. You can find a bunch of samples for different usecases here: Needle Engine Samples - those are all available for download as well so you can learn how they were made