Videos stopped in new Chromium update to save power?

So in old builds I now get this warning in Edge/Chrome and the videos just stop playing randomly even when set to loop. Problems with this are that I already did some builds months ago for clients that this suddenly affects. Is there a way to prevent it? Hopefully something I can add in the html or something quickly?

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620VideoPlayer.ts:279 DOMException: The play() request was interrupted because video-only background media was paused to save power.

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Haven’t seen this so far. I’ll check the URL

From the description it sounds like you may be able to just add any sound to it (silence?) to keep it playing

Seems to be new behavior in Chrome, oldest I find for this message is like three weeks ago

Can you raise a Chrome bug about it? At least they should explain it and how to prevent it

Will see where I can raise a bug, I can privately share 2 project links that this effects

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Chrome bugs usually go here: