IFrame video click-on issue

I was playing around with the Iframe example from the samples category. I try to create my own version of it. However, I realize I can only click on the video to play when the camera is facing at a tilted angle.
When the camera is facing directly at the screen, the video cannot be played by clicking on the screen. Just wondering is there any solution to it?

Thank you in advance!

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Hey, that sounds strange. Are there any other objects in the scene?

Hmm, I also get some strange moments when testing https://engine.needle.tools/samples/open=1#iframe-content. Does it reproduce for you there? Seems there was a browser and/or three change, this was definitely working in the past. Will take a look!

There is not anything in the scene, just the screen object and the camera itself.

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And yes, the example isn’t working at its best on my side either.

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Thanks for confirming, opened an issue here

I just wanted to jump in and point out that it works fine in Firefox, but not Chrome. That caused me no end of stress while showing an early dev version of our current project to one of the stakeholders, lol

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Oh no, sorry about that! From looking into it it seems to be a bug upstream in three.js, but we’ll look into fixing it there

Hope it still went well :crossed_fingers:

It’s all good! I set the iframe’s parent to overflow: visible and it works as expected when that’s done. (Yeah, it should probably be fixed upstream, haha)

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