IFrame Scrolling Issue

Pic A : Any distance farther from that I can scroll within the IFrame
Pic B : Any distance from within here I cannot scroll within the IFrame
Video for Reference.

I want to be able to scroll only when very near but I can seem to understand where is the scrolling /input is handled in IFrameContent.

I am using the same IFrameContent script as the one provided in sample. Thanks a lot for your help and time.


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That looks like a fun setup! And a strange issue. Can you try setting your orbit center to closer to the screens? (e.g. middle mouse click on the table instead of just scrolling)

Hi, Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Unfortunately setting the Orbit Center near the Tables / Screens don’t work.

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Update: Changing the IFrame div’s overflow mode from hidden to visible seemed to solve my problem.

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It took me about 4hrs to fix this :cry: . and its just fixes half of my problems…oof

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Glad to know it’s working now. Are the other problems something we can help with?

Hi. Thanks.
I hope that you might be able to help with this. This mainly relates with occluding the CSS3DObject with GLRenderer Objects.

Ref :

if this doesn’t work then I have thought of this as the alternative solution and hope that this will be enough.
Alternative, to hide the iFrameContent
a. cam is far away.
b. cam not facing at them from front.
c. many more as needed.

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I believe this will be the solution to my problem but I am facing issues with this.

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Full occlusion out of the box is on the roadmap - the sample uses, similar to what you wrote above, a facing check to hide the iframe when seen from the side/back

Full occlusion needs some stencil settings (basically a 3D object in the shape of the iframe needs to punch a hole in the color buffer). Can try to add that next week

Thanks. I will be waiting eagerly for it, while in the meantime I will be trying that myself. Hope I am able to achieve it or maybe find a work around. Thanks.

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yes i saw the code and by the alternate solution I meant to tweak the Dot Product values such that it suits my environment. :sweat_smile:

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I worked around this issue by triggering the Computer Monitor through a Spatial Trigger :smile:

Works 90% perfect for my case

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Nice :slightly_smiling_face: