AR/VR Buttons Out of View in iFrame

Hi… I’ve just noticed that the AR and VR buttons are placed just out of view in the iframe that I’ve used for displaying my project (tested using Chrome on a Moto G9).

Is there anything I can change to move them up a little?

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You can move them up via css (see src/styles/style.css the part about .webxr-buttons)

Fab, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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They should be just positioned absolute inside the iframe - could it be that the iframe is larger than what’s shown here and doesn’t really fit into its bounds?

Quite possibly @herbst🌵. The iframe style is:-

display: block;
height: 100vh;
width: 100vw;
border: none;
background: black;

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It’s not the same link as you posted in showcase, right?

Might already be the issue - 100vh in most browsers includes the address bar height, so the iframe here would extend down the same as the address bar is high
If you want “actual usable space” use 100%

Perfect solution. Many thanks @herbst​:cactus: :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

by user 908977119781060648