WebAR close X not visible on iOS with WebXR Viewer

How is the close X implemented for AR experiences? On iOS with WebXR Viewer it does not show in the top right.

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Hey, it is a known issue: Mozilla WebXR viewer - Using Bike demo, the X button to close AR and bottom UI don't show - Dom overlay support? Β· Issue #81 Β· needle-tools/needle-engine-support Β· GitHub

Okay so it looks like it is a WebXR Viewer not supporting DOM overlay issue, though it is listed as a supported feature.

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Any recommendations for camera space UI without DOM overlay? I guess world space parented to camera, but as noted before it has issues. Is there a way to adjust the size based on canvas size/orientation changes?

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It did work if I remember correct. Do you remember @herbst​:cactus: ? I tried debugging this few days ago but didnt find the issue yet :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Yes its not a good solution right now because of the layouting

Will take another look. WebXR Viewer is weird, in some cases they report inconsistent things but then they work and vice versa. I also thought we had DOM overlay working at some point.

I checked the bike sample and the on screen bar is missing, which I guess is DOM overlay

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Yes, and exactly that was working at some point unless my memory tricks me really bad

Is a pain Apple are so far behind with WebXR, all our users are using IOS devices :joy:

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I have an idea to make adjustable world space content to screen space. By adapting my code here to scale objects based on canvas resize.

I will share if I have success.

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