Using Skybox Background (still photo or video)

Hello guys.

I’ve been trying to make a Skybox 360 picture in my scene and it pixelates it when running on the Web.
I’ve also had a problem with rendering video player to rendered texture in order to show a Skybox video, which also failed since Needle doesn’t support render textures yet.

Any idea of a possible solution?

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You could you a sphere with flipped normals and drag and drop your 360 video to the sphere. Then set your camera at the sphere’s center and check if that works for you : )

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Hi, what diego suggested should work.
You can also set the VideoPlayer to “Material Override” to play a video.

Set it to Material Override on a sphere mesh hmm? :face_with_monocle: Interesting idea.
From my tests I’ve seen that running two videos at the same time on iOS is a bit unstable but I’ll give it a shot

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How does one flips normals? :sweat_smile:

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Using blender for example.

Or download a ready model.

The spehere has to have the correct uvs as well, so its not as trivial.

The threejs background skybox can not play a video so this would be the way to go if you want your “skybox” to be animated yes. If it’s unstable it could be related to the encoding. Under the hood the videoplayback is done via html video elements so the same recommendations apply as to any video in the browser and we use the threejs videotexture for displaying it :slightly_smiling_face: