How to create o emulate a Render Texture to put a 360 video in a skybox

Hi , i’m trying to reproduce the steps to create a 360 video skybox that is described in Play 360 Video with a Skybox in Unity - Unity Learn but when I try in needle, it says that “Render Texture is not implemented yet”. Do you know some alternative to reproduce a video 360 as skybox ?

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I think simplest would be to use a 3D sphere that has UVs for panoramas. Like this one:

Then it should be as simple as any other video on a 3D model :+1: Just select what texture property you want to update on the material :slight_smile:

Consider checking out the video sample:

You can open samples in your project via this option:

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Hey @DiegoEloko which engine version are you currently using?

Asking because RenderTextures are partially supported so I’m curious at which point you get Render Texture is not implemented yet

Hi ! I’m usign Unity 2021.3.18f1

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Sorry i meant which version of Needle Engine

(That can be found on the ExportInfo component)

Look, this is what it shows when I try to put a Render Texture in a Video Player (srry It wasn’t that Render Texture wasn’t implemented, It was in VideoPlayer) :

I’m using : Exporter 3.7.2 exp - Engine 3.7.2 - alpha

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Ah yes that’s not supported unfortunately.

I believe you can also use a video texture as the environment directly (would require a few lines of code) or go with the suggestion above (inverted sphere + play video on that).

@kipash :cactus: would be great if you take a note that we should add a proper cross-platform 360° playback sample (e.g. ability to rotate inside on mobile and desktop, ideally using WebXR media layers in VR/Quest, potentially stereo support, etc.) - has been requested a couple times and is a recurring usecase