Skybox Animation

…do you see a way to animate a skybox?

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Hello Matmat, Needle Engine supports exporting the Unity skybox and custom reflection (if any) baked into a texture. They are automatically exported inside the NEEDLE_lightmaps extension. If you need to change the resolution of the skybox, you can add a SkyboxExportSettings component to your scene.

Regarding animation, the skybox texture itself is static once exported, but you can create the illusion of animation by manipulating the material properties that reference the skybox texture using Needle Engine’s support for the KHR_animation_2 extension, where you could animate almost all properties, including those you use in scripts. This could allow you to change the appearance of the skybox over time within your application if that’s what you’re looking for (see the documentation).

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The standard threejs skybox can not be animated. You an make a inverted sphere mesh and animate material properties instead

Ah, good approach, thanks.

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three.js examples found this example. What kind of shader do I have to use for this? Unfortunately, a material with emissive is not possible here.

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Ah if that’s the look you’re after you can create a hemisphere light in one of your components and add it to the scene:

Here is the src code for the example (see the bottom right corner in the threejs examples to learn how they are made) three.js/examples/webgl_lights_hemisphere.html at master · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

Here they build the shader: three.js/examples/webgl_lights_hemisphere.html at 09fe0527a9aa5aaca7aaf17531e6c0d0efaa8c59 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

You dont have to do it exactly like this of course +
(Getting it from the html file) :slightly_smiling_face: you can save the shader vertex and fragment passes as a constant string at the top of your script for example and just set it

Nice, THX!

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