UnityGLTF not using Roughness map from Metallic Alpha or Green I Blue channel

That map looks wrong

Channels look correct

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tested this in glTFast + UnityGLTF + web viewers and looks the same everywhere

this file here Discord

Why is it importing weirdly here? Are you able to zip up the proj quickly?

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Downloaded it, taking a look. Your texture setup and naming is confusing

“tifmetalrough” is imported with swizzling settings, has an alpha channel, but that stays an alpha channel. What’s the source format and what’s the target after swizzling?

Also your URP/Lit material has Smoothness=0.5 which also changes appearance

“tifmetalrough” seems to have 4 channels of data (all slots RGBA have something in them) - what’s the format of that?

Looks like R=G=B and A=1-R? Not sure if that is intended

Is it a “R=Metallic + A=Smoothness” map?

Here’s your scene issue @ROBYER1

You’re using a custom reflection map with no convolution. This means even a 100% rough material will look shiny

this is how a default Unity sphere looks in your project.

Also your “tifmetalrough” is in an entirely non-standard format, it uses R=metallic and A=roughness, so alpha needs to be inverted to look correct on URPLit

With the custom reflection set to Specular convolution and the swizzling corrected all three look identical as they should:

Please check if these steps fix it on your side as well. I can’t see a bug here honestly!

I see now, I missed something that is easy to miss it seems but I should have switched back to skybox and used a skybox material there to cross-ref, will keep this in mind from now on. I had someone in the 3d team who is learning Unity run into this right before me as well so I’ll let them know

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Thanks for investigating this also, moving to using ORM workflows from now on, I wonder why Unity URP doesn’t use ORM though as URP lit materials use Metallic Roughness alpha channel still?

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