Why the material using UnityGLTF PBRGraph turns pink

Everything worked well before, since I reimport my Unity project as unitypackage into a new Needld project, it turns strange now
But even it seems nothing work well in Unity such as PBRGraph shader and Stencil settings in URPassets, it works good in my webisite: https://www.yuuuuu.net/

Quite confuessed

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It’s a problem of finding material/textures

The re-import maybe have break the original path that your model used to find its textures

You need to re-assign it.

It could be this too :

When you change your URP it could create a compatibility problem, so you can verify if it’s this.

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Do you have URP on or off in that project?

No, this project use URP as default pipline and doesn’t change any setting of URP assets during Play

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am checking your post now, thanks!

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The error only happens on the material which uses UnityGLTF/PBRGraph, materials with URP shaders are all good.

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Can you try to right-click > reimport on the UnityGltf package?

It works! Thanks. But the Portal effect still can’t work in Unity, even I reimport URP

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Can you check which URP asset is assigned and if it’s the one that has the stencil features?