ClearCoat not working

Environment: Unity 2021.3.16f1, Needle Engine 2.57.0-pre

  1. Create URP material with UnityGLTF/PBRGraph shader, enable clearcoat and set clearcoat value in material editor.

  2. export selected object as glTF.

  3. missing KHR_materials_clearcoat extension in glTF file.

Original Post on Discord

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Didnā€™t you already create a post few hours ago about this? :slightly_smiling_face: Discord

Yes, I did not provide enough information, I will delete the previous post.

by user 470548424815542272

Thanks for the repro steps ā€“ Iā€™ll look into it. Most likely a UnityGltf issue and not Needle Engine specific

Indeed, I checked the code of UnityGLTF, it seems to be missing the code related to clearcoat.

by user 470548424815542272